There are some very wonderful things the Roman Catholics are doing quietly – like quality schools, influential charities and quality medical facilities. The online slanderers and their naive acolytes, who re-post these slanders, won’t see these ones.

For example, one of the most evil organizations on the face of the earth is Planned Parenthood. Incidentally they are either directly or indirectly connected with the Nigerian Primary Health Care Centers, spread across the country. They are mainly behind the murder of millions of unborn babies in abortion clinics all over the world. In Nigeria, they obviously helped to coin a “respectable” name for abortion, called “D&C”.

George Grant wrote a book that would have dried up all financial supports – including millions of dollars in taxpayers money – especially in the West. This is entitled “Grand Illusions – The Legacy of Planned Parenthood.” It can be downloaded free here The Humanist West first ignored the book, then attempted to discredit it, and then have largely continued to ignore it. The Conservatives were shocked how such damning evidences could be ignored.

This time a Roman Catholic initiative, powered by The Center for Medical Progress has unraveled the most damning evidences, in edited and unedited videos, to show that one of the primary motives for Planned Parenthood’s abortion drive, was the harvesting and selling of baby parts to degenerate scientists, for research purposes! George Grant never even mentioned this one! This time, they didn’t take any chances: several videos were recorded, showing the top echelon of Planned Parenthood executives, gleefully negotiating the sale of baby parts, some of which were harvested while the babies were still alive!

No one knows how many of these videos the Roman Catholic initiative have done, but they are releasing them in edited and unedited forms, one per week. Each release sends nuclear-like vibrations around the world. Three major donors to Planned Parenthood, among which was Coca-cola, have withdrawn their deluded financial support to this satanic organization; founded by a satanic woman. Download her biography free here entitled, “Killer Angel – A Biography of Planned Parenthood’s Founder Margaret Sanger” at We now await the withdrawal of the mother of all supports: the millions of dollars from civil governments from around the world. Also see a follow-up story here…/how-not-to-be-a-doe…/ “But they shall proceed no further. For their foolishness shall be plain to all, as theirs also became” (2 Tim. 3:9 MKJV).


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